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Vedant Agro Tech is started in the year 2014 with the concept that consistant use of silicon in Agriculture will help the farmers to reduce the cost of cultivation with added yields. Farming is becoming loss making business day by day and all the related input costs e.g. Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds etc. are going up up where as prices for farm produce are not remunerative. Under such conditions the fertilizers developed by us i.e. Agrosil, Greensil and Greensil + will certainly help the farmers in lowering their costs on fertilizers pesticides.
The use of silicon as fertilizer for various crops like paddy, sugarcane, corn, wheat etc. goes back to the year 1848, Now a days it is widely used as fertilizer in many countries like America, China, Japan, Austrelia, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, etc. and in may countries it is regarded as essential crop nutrient. It has been proved that the requirement of silicon for any crop is equivalent to that of Nitrogen. In some crops like paddy, sugarcane, it is more than that of Nitrogen.

This is the place where our team members express Many Thanks to many wonderful individuals who support our project:

It is used as fertilizer in Japan since 1848. German scientist Sanches published basic research on silicon in the year 1862, where as in the year 1917 Onodera published his research showing that paddy leaf blast is controlled by using silicon and this is regarded as fundamental research in Agriculture. Dr. Metichenkov, Dr. N.K. Sawant, Dr. Datnaf, Dr. Calvert, Dr. Epstin many other scientists have proved that silicon fertilization is essential as it reinforces plant protection properties against diseases, insect attack unfavourable climatic conditions. It improves fertilizer use efficiency by preventing leaching losses of nutrients as well as preventing fixation of phosphates releasing the phosphates fixed in soil.

It is also helpful in improving soil health optimizes soil fertility through improved water, physical chemical soil properties maintaining nutrients in plant available form. It also helps in resisting against various stresses, reducing toxic effects of Aluminum Cobalt, reduces lodging, prevents fruit drop gives better colour luster.
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